As the nation’s pre-eminent network of vein specialty clinics for more than 35 years, VCA’s highly trained teams are the best resource for patients with early and late stage vein disease. In 2016 Vein Clinics of America partnered with Remedy to reposition itself in the market.

As part of the creative team I led the development of the new identity and brand guidelines. All design elements were selected to position VCA as having a more holistic approach to health. Portraits highlighted active, healthy lifestyles to show the full picture of the patients’ lives. The palette provided flexibility through a larger system of colors that both complemented and contrasted. This offered unique color combinations that felt both reassuring and bold. Sans-serif and humanist typefaces were paired to maintain a balance between technical expertise and human quality. The overall visual system along with clear messaging portrays the new VCA as approachable and honest.